Start with GoDady Linux Hosting



Now that you’ve purchased your Linux shared hosting account, you’re probably anxious to
get started and set it up. But before you do, it’s a good idea to find out what’s going on
under the hood. This guide assists you in getting your Web site up and running quickly.
Along the way, we also pass on some general hosting information that you can use to
impress your friends.
Your shared hosting account resides on a server along with other accounts. The server’s
resources are shared across these accounts, hence the term shared hosting. This is in
contrast to dedicated hosting, which allows a single account to exclusively use one server.
A major benefit to having a shared hosting account is that we take care of your server
security, backup, and maintenance.

Struct in C#

Structs are custom value types that store the values in each field together. They don’t store refereced data, such as the character array in a string. By the way, Structs can imporve speed and memory usage, and they cannot be used the same as Classes.

Example: Program that declares struct

class Program


struct Simple


public int Position;

public bool Exists;

public double LastValue;


static void Main()


Simple s;

s.Position = 1;

s.Exists = false;

s.LastValue = 3.54;