Adding watermarks to Crystal Reports

Here is the latest tip from the Flexible Solutions GP Reports Newsletter: how to add a watermark to your Crystal Reports.  I am going to demonstrate with an example.

I have created a statement report, but it’s a little bland, especially when there are only a few lines of data to show:

First step is to copy the watermark image to the Page Header section. On my report I was not using the page header, so I could put the watermark there. If your report is already using the page header, you can add an additional page header by right clicking on the Page Header section and choosing Insert Section Below:

Once you insert the watermark image you may need to re-size it or reposition it lower so that it is does not show up at the top (unless that is what you want).

Now go to Report > Section Expert, click on the Page Header (if you created a new section, it will be Page Header b) under Sections and check Underlay Following Sections on the Common tab:

Click OK and go to your report Preview. I had to go back and move my watermark down some more, but here is the end result:

You can sign up for the GP Reports newsletter to get these tips monthly or you can see the archived newsletters on the Flexible Solutions News & Events page. You can also see a list of all the Crystal Reports tips published so far on my GP Reports page under Working with Crystal Reports.


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