Configure WAMP for sending mail in remote mail server

This works for me and should work for you: Use Fake Sendmail and a webhost mail server (i.e. – Godaddy, 1and1, etc.).

1.) Download the sendmail zip and extract it to C:\Wamp\bin\sendmail (for purposes of this example).

2.) Edit C:\wamp\bin\sendmail\sendmail.ini and set the following to your mail server’s requirements (mine are below):

3.) Set the path of sendmail.exe in your php.ini file.

[mail function]
 ; For Win32 only.

 ; For Win32 only.
 sendmail_from =

 ; For Unix only.  You may supply arguments as well (default: "sendmail -t -i").
 sendmail_path = "C:\wamp\bin\sendmail\sendmail.exe -t"

4.) Restart Wampserver.

You might have success using Gmail, but there are a few extra tweaks to make it work. I prefer using the mail server of the webhost where I upload my code.