Multiple Columns In A Crystal Report

Here’s how to create a sub-report within Crystal Reports containing multiple columns. This information applies to Crystal Reports version 9, but probably also applies to other versions.

Sub-report section expert dialogue

To create a multiple-column report
1. Open the report you want to format with multiple columns.
2. On the Report menu, click Section Expert.
Tip: Another way to do this is to click the Section Expert button on the Expert Tools toolbar.
3. In the Section Expert, highlight Details, and then select Format with Multiple Columns.
A Layout tab is added to the Section Expert.
4. Click the Layout tab and set the Width you want your column to be.
Keep in mind the width of your paper when deciding your column width. For example, if you have three fields in your Details section, and they take up four inches of space, limit the width of the column to under four and a half inches so that all the field information can be seen.
5. Set the Horizontal and/or Vertical gap you want to maintain between each record in your column.
6. In the Printing Direction area, choose a direction.
7. If the report you’re formatting contains grouping, select Format Groups with multiple column.
8. Click OK.

When you preview the report, you’ll see that the field headers appear only for the first column. To have field headers for the second column, insert a text object.


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