Yii: use ajax function via htmlOptions attribute

By: lars

If you want to trigger an ajax call on a Yii form element onchange, you can pass an array of ajax attributes as one of the “htmlOptions” like so:

<?php echo $form->textField($model,'my_input_field',array(
	'ajax' => array(
		'type'=>'POST', //request type
		'url'=>$this->createUrl('site/ajaxAction'), // url to call controller action
		'success'=>' function(data) { $(\'#my_output_field\').val(data) }',// function to call onsuccess 
             // "data" is returned data and function can be regular js or jQuery
             // here we are are updating the value of another field that has id "my_output_field"
)); ?>

and the (site) controller action would look something like:

public function actionAjaxAction() {
  [check/filter inputs...]
  [data functions...]
  echo $my_val_string;
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