Prevent Divide-By-Zero Errors in T-SQL

21 Apr

By Sochinda

NULLIF(expression, expression)

Ex: Column1 / Column2, so when Column2 equal 0 this equation will be error.

How to prvent divide by zero error, we have 2 steps as:

1. using NULLIF

NULLIF(Column2, 0) : it will return NULL when value equal 0


2. using ISNULL

ISNULL(NULLIF(Column2, 0), 1) it will return 1 when Column2 value is 0


So Column1 /  ISNULL(NULLIF(Column2, 0), 1), it will return Column1 Value when Column2 Value = 0

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Posted by on April 21, 2015 in SQL Server


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