Make Shared Partition between Mac OSX and Windows (Bootcamp)

03 Oct

Here is a quick step by step of what I did:

Install OS X on a single partition hard drive.
Run Bootcamp Assistant.
Download drivers for Mac and burn to CD.
Make 60GB Bootcamp partition for Windows.
When prompted for install disc, STOP installation and quit Bootcamp.
Launch Disk Utility. Look at the 2 partitions.
Shrink Mac OS X partition to 100GB.
Click on + to create a 3rd partition in free space.
Split that partition into however many other partitions you want.
Quit Disk Utility.
Insert Windows 7 installer DVD and restart Mac.
After the startup chime, hold down OPTION key.
Wait a while until the Windows 7 DVD appears and select it.
Mac should start up from DVD. Start installing Windows 7.
Continue until finished. DO NOT connect to internet.
Load Bootcamp drivers CD that you burned and install.
When finished, restart and log into Windows 7.
Continue installing your applications. Do activations.
When finished, restart, holding down the OPTION key.
You are done. You should now see your OS X Lion and Win 7 partitions.


***Notation for Macbook Pro early or late 2011, you must install bootcamp from build-in DVD drive.

If you found error like: “Drivers not found bootcamp” pleas go to enable check on bootcamp to install vai USB drive.

Right click on bootcamp in /Application/Utility -> Show Package Contents -> Contents -> open file called Info.plist

and find and add Model Identity and Model Name




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