Google’s Go Language For Windows

Google’s new Go language is still in its infancy, and it has yet to find widespread real-world use or support. Even so, it seems like a promising experiment, and I wonder if it could have a future in game development. I haven’t been able to find much game-specific discussion of Go elsewhere, and figured a CW discussion may be appropriate.

Some thoughts:

  • According to, Go programs “run nearly as quickly as comparable C or C++ code”–quick enough?
  • Is Go’s garbage collection well suited for games?
  • How much mental re-tooling is necessary to create games in the land of concurrent goroutines?
  • Go is frequently called a “systems”-level language, with server software given as an example. It’s hard not to think of multiplayer game servers when hearing this.
Installing Go
here is a similar Linux version of gogo here.

The windows port can be downloaded from

I had a problem with the Installer version, so personally I downloaded the zipped version, and unzipped it to C:, resulting in the system being stored in c:\go and subfolders.

Windows Environment Variables

Go to Control Panel…Advanced System Settings…Advanced…Environment Variables.

Create these environment variables, which need to match where you installed Go. Here are my settings, for Go in C:\go.

GOARCH    386
GOBIN     c:\go\bin
GOOS      windows
GOROOT    c:\go

You can now use gogo. The first time you run it, use the Tools…Configure option. (Page edited 4/july/11)

There is a similar Linux version of gogo here.

v0.3 – 5 july 11 download (less than 1MB)

Unzip it into any folder, and run gogo.exe. The first time you run it, use tools | Configure to make it locate your Go software.

The source code(Delphi 6) will be released. I’m just tidying it up at present (1 july 2011)


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